Deep History

Johannes Krause

Johannes Krause

Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History

Ancient Human Genomes...Present-Day Europeans, his March 19, 2015 presentation on European history as a product of multiple migrations as traced by genetics and complemented by fossil and linguistic records.

Was there a Trojan War? Recent Excavations at Troy

Contemporary research by an archaeologist from University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology who has worked in Troy for decades.

Gregory Clark

Gregory Clark is chair of the department of economics at University of California at Davis.

Clark's 26-lecture online course, Economic History of the World before the Industrial Revolution,available from ITunesU, is a detailed exposition of his research in world-wide wealth, health, violence and well-being of the human species...

He has published several books including The Son Also Rises, an analysis of wealth based on surnames, and A Farewell to Alms, an extensive analysis of historical wealth and health. 

Archaeological Resources

Videos Digs from around the world, especially North American Indians.  

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Prof Jeremy Rutters On Line Course in Aegean Archaeology
The Aegean from the Paleolithic to the fall of the Bronze Age

Dioscuri from Encyclopedia Mythica

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