AI Robots and the Yovel List

Geo Cosmos: What if we will be fused with AI and  will have to live eternally and meet our re-created ancestors?


As our ancestors were much more stressed than we are – and we also need therapy before we can enter „eternal life”  we have the task in the present generation with which we can help to heal our potentially ressurrecting ancestors.

How to use an alternative History Teaching Tool (taken from a „kabbalistic”  - legend explaining - theory) when the need will arise to create AI robots that have a „personal touch”: like Ancestral Voices , memory setups.


If we look at the Ten Spheres as Ten Generations of Ancestors,(as the Kabbalist basic book, the Zohar advices and as those Miracle Rabbis who prepared themselves to become the Meshiah and watched the Other Side Kings -robbers and killers – who degraded their davidic ancestry) then we are able to look for the Bad Behaviors (and its therapies) as Ancestral Voices. Hence we can help our descendants in the Future.


This theory (or parody of theories)  is a mosaic from facts. Which exists even if no one states it. I am just mixing a few very simply things.

1. Inherited hormonal stresses exist. We all do know that there are experiments with mice on it.

2. Music is diminishing stress hormones. We all do know that, we even use it in Malls where we influence people by constant music /knowing addicts and criminals hate music/.

3. here is a method to filter our ancestral stresses (as there are millions of ancestors with their traumas: how to choose?) It will be especially important when we will create the possibility of saving our brains on computers. I found this in manuscripts, this is the “Budapest Kabbalah Theory of the Nineteen Twenties”. It sounds an innovation, but is very simple and traditional.

4. There are Cycles. In each Hundred Years we only look at two Constellations – Jubilee Years from the Bible - from among the Kings who hav had an impact on our Ancestors. This is the basic idea of the List I have found. It is based on the Biblical 50 years the Yobel Cycles.

5. Hence we do have four Decades (with 12 ys). There exist statistics about Bank-Cycles and also about the psychological differences of the Four Phases. This psychological cycle theory was presented in the Eighties by Lloyd deMause, who analyzed the differing cartoon motives of the four different years of American presidents. He found archtypes – Body Parts, Family Members – like Jung and Bowlby in their theories in the 1930s and 1950s. And this can be projected to the Four Decades of a messianic Yobel Year, of the 45-50 years (when price cycles restart five years before the fulfillment of the half century).

6.To further filter the countless events in history, we only look at religious fightings: non-Jewish David-House legends in Kingly families (like the Habsburgs, Bourbons who have had Hungarian-Polish Szapolyai/Zapolya ancestors (these are 2 facts that are not wel-known)

7. It is also not well-known, that in every generation there are Jewish Rabbis, (of Lubavich) who are considered to stem from the Davidic Line – potential Meshiahs.

8. There are weekly melodies in the Bible (also not well-known, ut each religion has it – but only the Jewish melodies are present everywhere in Europe without two much change. Because of this these therapeutic melodies can be found in the differenet traumatic Ancestral Stress Dates. It is a simple fact.

9. These melodies can be found in stress-contemporary non-Jewish music (in Operas of Monteverdi, Lully, Purcell, Haendel, Verdi, Wagner, Berg) too. This is needed for the ancestrally relevant non-Jewish Kings might not have heard synagogue melodies. (Although when many thousands do sing a melody, it has a stress-diminishing effect in the whole area - there are experiments to prove it.)

10. The List of Dates can be used to find dates in the Future in every 45 years. We do know that scientists work to make resurrection possible. So we can simply understand the picture I found in the manucript about this Future Mashiah who heals Resurrected Kings with melodies and by touching the /hurt/ Body Parts.(It is an archetype in many religious groupings)

11. This Ancestral Kabbalah is an interpretation method for the Bible that uses Body Parts’ Fantasies and so we can find fantasies about Body Parts that are arising in the heads of the List’s non-Jewish and Jewish Leaders while they read the Bible Weekly Portion or they watch Operas.

12. So we are actually able to see into the Future.

13. There exists a theory that claims (by Dr. Russell Hendel) that the Bible depicts not the Creator of the Physical World, but the Creation of the Visions or Dreams and Prophecies, an Inner World. This is an old teaching – called Gnosticism or Sufi or Kabbalah or Therapy Heretic Wisdom – from which Freud has developed his own theory.

Of course  the mix of these 13 Ideas are disturbingly innovative and together they sem to be complex or even complicated. But they have fusion points. Like I am seeing an arm of someone in my dream.

If the weekly melody is evoking 1844 among the ever present 12 Constellation Dates  and this  corresponds to opera X (now it is Verdi’s  Ernani) we look for this item – the Arm that belongs to the Breast among the 4 main Parts and this week indeed we read about the Breast-Plate , the Urim and Tumim, that has a Future redicting capacity. (Of course this is sheer coincidence. Epigenetic – hormone level- inheritance does not carry visual or verbal content elements.)

So we must look around the stresses of this date of 1844 and then we can imagine in the Future, when the Messiah heals the Ressurected Leaders, and we see how Chancellor Metternich (of the Habsburg Emperor) is in Therapy because he wanted to pay someone to kill Kossuth (a rebel leader in Hungary) in this year. From the Constellation of 44 we are in the Decade of 1837, when Kossuth is still in prison. He is very sick, weak, can barely write, his arm is too weak…And then we must look up the story of the Opera Ernani  (by Verdi) from this year : there are two key scenes in which someone has a dagger and it is given him or her or taken away with the moving arms. This technique is called amplification by C.G. Jung, and – due to its concreteness – it can have actual therapy impact (by lifting us from our ego).

(Especially for Body Part Fixations of Compulsive Fantasy Addicts). We all know this: we all have fantasies about a Protective Alterego (who is able to heal) , like in religions the Christ, the Meshiah, the Buddha. The difference here is that these are facts that may help atheists who have intense disbelieving feelings if they have to accept legends.


So I would not call this complicated. We call “complicated” only theories that are using new concepts or words with new meanings: like “God”, Progress”. “spirit”, “morphogenetic field”, “Will to Power” „socio-genetic” etc.

But this List that I found only consists of a special system of re-viewing facts that can be found on the Wikipedia . The system consists of the Four Body Parts (the Kabbalist Code) and the recurrent Messianist Fightings between a Stressed King and the Contemporary Therapy Melody from the Bible.

(As we know there is a stress-memory diminishing therapy method using eye movements while meditating about past stress events in pictures of body parts – it is called EMDR.)

 In the era of AI there will be a need to give the AI robots a character: this method (of implanting these 50 years Date Constellations Protagonists Opera-seeing and Bible-reading Constellations to create AIs with distant Ancestral Voices could be one of the methods in creating „Personal Touch”  in AI robots.


What if Hawking and Kurzwell and others are right - they predict that nanocomputers will be able to recreate the configuration and electrical impulse structure of our brains - so they will be able to preserve brains (or even recreate some). And these computer animated brains will be eternal: maybe that is the Future World mentioned in old texts - maybe some "materialist" inner part of the prophets had  a hunch that somehow it will be possible to "ressurect" people and "eternal life" is  a real promise - except to invent the needed tools there need to develop some co-operation and so this "Future-God" (the Eternal creator) had to teach people this concept: be nicer kinder to everyone because only then will you get - as a reward - Eternal Life...And it has turned out to be true. Of course there are absurd legends in the ancient recordings - but this rational kernel is the most important (and the decisive difference between this futuristic belief system and other more present - cyclical - systems like polytheism.)