Poetry of William Allegrezza


William Allegrezza lives and teaches in Chicago and edits www.moriapoetry.com.

tiffle tivulating
triffle truffle trufalgation

re: standard
never to have known
yet never to have known
or all along not to have known

1633 i have not any idea that i should be
unwilling to regret if so called in regretfullness

"we were "
"ho trovato un zio lontano" "y un canso"
"regeneration is typical in such cases"

or to me is laced trials


apology with number

the longer the regret is stationed in functioning
the beauty that gathers in presences compounds of ten

the system is mixed
but the range is clear of certain remembrances


nothing moves to state

orion to the right

or the dwindling reminders of red change as light

contingent dependency

"I stepped out with a pack in my hand
took a few steps and then
the truck hit me
throwing me to the curb
I bounced and was fine."

organs in the midst of war and flags flying

nets gather beyond the stone



in styles of oran

a regenerate tail lashes the hemisphere in mid-morning sun

"indeed, the force born of necessity succeeds in that desolate region"

then the harangue of plentitude assures
that confiscation is return

in hours the count recedes to grief

arise sentinel for the ebb of winter

in age unmindful


reed end is bliss
and carnal hands are fire

placement is refinement
yet orange glow harms nothing
nor is it easy to find

(let us believe the godsí lies
1735606372212 . . .)

forget the eye
[ . . . the water is time
the eye of horus

how easy to hold memory in sexuality
as the relinquishing to be redeemed)

I apologize with colors on a landscape
that teems with children in rings and
rope games that mimic the motion of
circles in the river near a bend where
youthful eyes gather around a fire
that rushes crimson in sparks over
a forest of dense pines that harbor
eaglesí architectural dreams above
the damp soil of encroaching horror


perhaps the drama accompaniment
on the door of the property
underlines the jobless task of creating
nuances in visionary light that
dart through flats and action


concede your place as
not geryon or flecked light hustling with voodoo images
as grease for the system that waits for the sun
baited so with keys and robes that shift tension
thus placing our chief motivation
in chuckling after oblivion

for no technical hesitation troubles
the ascension of push to finger to growth
though plans negotiated in numbers
near market towns of rain
hold turns once off position


in which catacombs did
forensic paddles break their sentinel nails of perversion
through which reds on cyclical raids of vacuous syntactical aims

"" "1865 or 1945
"the worm began to abide in inner darkness
feeding daily but not growing until the end

[ . . . orcus]

this is not the way
nor is the road possible
so be resigned that the only vision consists
in following doors through doors

he used to say, "after death, Iíll be fit for the city"

BeFore that Decision
forGEt for a moment that We wANted to understaND
our oWn PlaCement


about 1300 in pages
with our civility yet still
before the state of chile or germany
in the year 12 65 18 65 19 65

the repetition in the session of remorse
and the death objective indeed form
a crisis of fire in hostile neon hopes
that explode the streets in pomegranate red

this peaceful afternoon of every voiced hymn is
determined to disturb the flood of performers
who carry navigational tools