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Au Hasard Balthazar  Robert Bresson 1966
The Fall   Beautiful veneer.  Story within the story is cinematic spectacle.  Characters are charming manikins.    (js)
City of God  Katia Lund and Fernando Meirelles 2002.  Life in a self-governing section of Rio de Janeiro. Documentary included.    (js)
City of Men  Fernando Meirelles Sequel to City of God.  More personal, moral-of-the-story is more apparent but not so thick as to be moralistic.    (js)
Seven Beauties   WWII
Good Bye Lenin! Wolfgang Becker 2003
Alice in Wonderland  Jonathan Miller 1966
Old Boy  Chan-wook Park Kar Wai Wong  
In the Mood For Love    
Songs from the second floor Roy Andersson 2000
Lilja 4-ever  Lukas Moodysson.   (2002) If this doesn't break your heart, get a new one.    (js)
Les Fiancés Du Pont Mac Donald  Agnès Varda 1961
Contempt Godard 1963
The Saddest Music in the World  Guy Maddin Very unusual movie!  2003
Die Innere Sicherheit  Christian Petzold 2000
Tokyo Story    
12 monkeys    
chein adalou    
run lola run    
Barry Lyndon   Stanley Kubrick Work of art.    (js)
blow up    
gods and monsters    
the straight story    
secrets and lies    
sex, lies, and videotape    
The Bicycle Thief   Masterpiece.  Can't help it!  It's the best word.    (js)
Apocalypse Now   Worse than the war itself?    (js)
Character     Dutch
hate    French
Modern Times .   Charlie Chaplin  
sherlock, jr.    
Buffalo '66    1998
the virgin suicides   from the novel by Eugenides  (js)
jackie brown    
the fisher king    
on the waterfront    
my beautiful launderette    
the adventures of baron von munchausun Terry Gilliam  
boogie nights    
Streetcar Named Desire    Tennessee Williams
Wild Strawberries    Ingrid Bergman
mystery train    
the boondock saints   Righteous vigilantes on the prowl.  
the game    
Dark City   Like the Matrix.  What if everything you believed in were utterly false?    (js)
the godfather    
requiem for a dream    
drugstore cowboy    
the bad seed    
Mystery Train

Dead Man: by Jim Jarmusch
Ghost Dog: by Jim Jarmusch

Jim Jarmusch  
Nights of Cabiria Enrico Fellini.   Julliette Massini!!!
Waking Life Richard Linklater  
Brazil Terry Gilliam.   Giant ironies.  Each time you see it more detail surfaces.  Classic 1984-style story told very, very well. Morbidly funny (js)
The 400 Blows  Truffaut  
Delicatessen  Jeanne Pierre-Jeunet   Most unusual movie! 
City of Lost Children Jeanne Pierre-Jeunet  
Ghost World
Terry Zwigoff  
Krumm Terry Zwigoff  
heavenly creatures
Pusher, Pusher 2, Pusher 3 Nicolas Winding Refn Beneath the thick layer of brutality and vulgarity, this crime-trilogy is about existential angst.  Frankie in Pusher 1 is bound by honor and debt.  Tonny in Pusher 2, recently graduated from the University of Crime (prison), expects to take his place in his crime-family.  Milo the arch-criminal in Pusher 3 confronts his disintegration.  (js)
Barton Fink Coen Bros.  
Fargo Coen Bros.  
Clockwork Orange
Stanley Kubrick  
Resevoir Dogs Tarentino  
The Shining Kubrick  
Rosemary's Baby Roman Polanski  
Repulsion Roman Polanski  

Down by Law

Jim Jarmusch


Stranger than Paradise

Jim Jarmusch






Bottle Rocket



David Lynch


Blue Velvet

David Lynch


Modern times


Dead Man Jim Jarmusch Sort of an unsentimental take-off on the Hollywood western. Great score by Neil Young, looks like a daguerrotype!
City of Lost Children Jeanne Pierre-Jeunet One of my all-time favorites and my #1 favorite for visuals- a twisted, well-acted fairy tale
Trainspotting Danny Boyle Great acting from Ewan (all his other movies SUCK) in this completely fantastic, disturbing movie. Music is used very well in this film.
The 400 Blows Truffaut Truffaut's best film. Another unsentimental portrait of a 12-yr old boy dealing with a society that doesn't care about him.
Brazil Terry Gilliam  
Waking Life richard linklater Unique animation that melts into different styles. A young man wanders around and meets people who give him their various opinions on philosophy and life. A lot of people hate this movie because it's pretentious, but I think it has a lot to say.
Nights of Cabiria Enrico Fellini 8 1/2 goes on for a really, really long time- see this instead, as it's much more coherent. Giulietta Masina is brilliant as Cabiria.
Repulsion Roman Polanski Psychological horror film about a woman who is descending into madness. Weird that rape came up so many times in Polanski's films and then he raped a young girl. Maybe he thought the rules didn't apply to him.
Rosemary's Baby Roman Polanski another psychological horror film from Polanksi about a woman who is convinced she's going crazy. Great build-up of suspense, while lacking the typical "suspenseful" music and shadowy scenes. Ruth Gordon is especially great as the horrifyingly bothersome neighbor.
The Shining Stanley Kubrick Proof that horror movies don't have to be bad- more psychological/descending into madness stories!
Reservoir Dogs Quenten Tarentino My favorite Tarentino film- stylish, well-acted, bloody.  I love Steve Buscemi.
Weekend Godard Mod Alice and Wonderland-like fantasy.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch John Cameron Mitchell Film about the search for a soulmate- beautifully shot and acted with great musical numbers
Welcome to the Dollhouse Todd Solondz stylish black comedy about an uncool girl living in suburbia who wants nothing more than to be liked by her boring parents and have her insufferable ballerina sister dead. Great acting from Heather Matarazzo and Brandon sexton Jr.

Wayward Cloud ( Taiwan )

Blue Angel (German version)

Barry Lyndon (Kubrick)


Exterminating Angels

Battle in Heaven  (Mexico)

Los Bastardos (Mexico)


The Sheltering Sky (from Paul Bowles novel)

Vidas Secas (Brazilian)

Of Human Bondage (Bette Davis, Leslie Howard)

Kind Hearts and Coronets

King Lear (James Earl Jones, Raul Julia)

The Castle (Kafka’s novel)

High and Low (Kirosawa)

Lost Highway ( David Lynch)

Wild at Heart ( David Lynch)

Repulsion (Roman Polanski)

Man From  London (Bela Tarr)

Virgil Bliss

Laws of Gravity

Mulholland Drive (David Lynch)